‘Queenie’ Giddy Aunt’s Resident DJ

DJ Queenie - Resident Giddy Aunt DJ

DJ Queenie is a London-based self-styled house music specialist, who is more than capable of mixing up music genres with the best of them. An eclectic, music specialist who takes you on a journey outside the conventional path, will be the eternal vinylist lives in the world where technology is her friend. DJ Queenie is as fearless as the elements.

Queenies roots are from and of the North, her soul has two deep loves – one of those being music. From northern soul, to raw jungle, minimal tech to grinding house she can go around and back again. 15 years in the making and continuing with the sense of adventure that brought her to the fields of DJ and music mixing. Past Events – Radio stations, Clubs, Events and Venues DJ Queenie has performed at: W.L.I.B FM, W10FM Mission FM, Don FM, Taste FM, Life FM, Trollyed Radio, Arizona Bar, Aquarium, Café de Paris, Camden Rock, Chats Palace, Kensington & Chelsea Council, El Paso, Inn on the Green, The Sound, Thirst Bar, Level Vibes, The Warwick, Notting Hill Carnival.

DJ Sexyrubbersoul

caro DJ sexyrubbersoul

Primarily playing lively drum and bass pressure but not adverse to lush eclectic chillout, Sexyrubbersoul is a DJ, producer and organiser who has been spinning off and on since the underground Rave scene of the early nineties.

A musician and cultural musicologist interested in the power of music for healing and trance states, recent DJ appearances include playing at Bloc 9 in Glastonbury last year before Fabio. Her concept dance album Feast Of Salt is available through cd baby and her website






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