Are you a woman with a passion for the arts? @GiddyAuntsUK

Giddy Aunts events attract a lively international crowd of performance artists, musicians, DJ’s, writers, film/theatre directors/producers, writers, dancers, photographers, animators, cartoonists, graphic designers, mixed medium artists, poets, comedians etc and those who support and represent them.

Who we are:

A London-based group of international female; DJs, artists, performers, music and film makers, theatre directors and producers, photographers and the list goes on….

What we do:

Enjoy ourselves, inform ourselves, entertain others along the way and support artists in trying out ideas and new pieces of work in a relaxed and fun environment, full of creative and talented women and their guests.

We showcase an array of cutting edge new work and provide exciting opportunities to tap into our vibrant network . We run workshops to help inform our artistic ventures and evenings of performance, film, music, art and always a little drama!